Ugly Toenails: New techniques That Could Help You Find Your Beautiful Bare Feet Once Again

Ugly toenails: now there are some treatments and methods that can offer hope. Unfortunately for many, having beautiful feet seems to be an impossible dream because of unsightly and misshaped toenails. This website is committed to giving you beautiful images and helpful information, to inspire you to find your beautiful bare feet once again!

If your troubled with severely infected and/or misshaped toenails, you may want to find a podiatrist to treat you with Lamisil or Pin point Laser therapy and a toenail restoration procedure using Keryflex. Up to now, battling infected, ugly toenails was a time consuming task that could take months and up to a year to see results, but with the KeryFlex™ toenail restoration system, you can leave the podiatrist office with nearly normal looking nails. Click here to find providers for KeryFlex™ in your area. (This will open a new window). If you are unsuccessful, you can do one of two things: Check back later as they are always adding new providers or fill out the C2 form at the bottom of this page and I will look into this for you. Live in the Baltimore/Frederick area? Check out Progressive Podiatry for toenail restoration services!

The Power of Toenail Correction

Here you can observe the powerful cure for ugly toenails: toenail correction. This client was treated for a toenail fungus, the nail was debrided and rebuilt using KeryFlexand then a pedicure gel French was applied by a nail technician. Click here to find out about the new pedicure gel available and to find a salon that offers this service. Voila! Beautiful once again! These products can be polished over and are not damaged or dissolved by acetone. Keep in mind that clients with less than 30% of a toenail will have more of a chance of having that nail break, but with some TLC, taking care not to wear protective sandals to avoid stubbing the toe, and wearing protective footwear when engaging in sports that might cause the toenail to be hit or jammed, you can have a pedicure that will from 6-10 weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow. Imagine being free of your ugly toenails problem in just one appointment!

More About Pedicure Gels

Here's what LCN says about their product: "Introducing barefoot by LCN, a true breakthrough in cosmetic toenail correction made possible by the development of modern corrective materials. Barefoot is highly effective for the treatment of toenails right in your own salon or spa. Note: If you have an active toenail infection, spas and salons can't service you. You will need to seek treatment at a podiatrist's office and have them use KeryFlexto rebuild the damaged nails. Then and only then can you seek a Barefoot pedicure at your local spa or salon. As the beauty industry’s only anti-mycotic (anti-fungal), light-curing one component pedicure resin, barefoot is a means to restore the toenail partially or completely while providing an attractive cosmetic result. Barefoot contains the ingredient Piroctone Olimine, a proven anti-mycotic substance that is time released to keep working, even after the product is cured. Due to the flexibility of barefoot the product adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet, thus feeling completely comfortable and natural.

Available in four shades: clear, pink, opaque, or pastel; and two camouflage colors: cool pink or natural beige. Barefoot can be used to match any nail type and provide coverage for even the most unsightly nails." Nails which were porous and prone to infection are now sealed with a product that keeps moisture out (the thing fungus feeds on). It also releases an anti mycotic (anti-bacterial and fungal) agent called Piroctone Olimine, which is time released, to keep working after the product has sealed! If you have porous, infection prone nails, this product should be kept on year-round, to prevent reinfection.

With Barefoot, one can have malformed or asymmetrical nails reshaped, replace partially missing nails (the product works best if there is at least 20% of the nail remaining), and cover discoloration of toenails all while using a product that helps prevent or clear up mild to moderate fungal infections. There are no more excuses for hiding your feet because of ugly toenails! The Barefoot line from LCN USA is available only to professional nail techs and spas. Click here to find a spa or salon that carries this cutting edge pedicure product. Fill out the infomation request below to find out if there's a professional in your area who provides this service.

Do Your Part to Combat Ugly Toenails!

While this product is quite new and not well known yet, you can help bring it to your town or city by providing feedback here. We'll do our best to inform professionals of the need to incorporate cosmetic toenail correction into their repertoire of pedicures.

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