Toenail fungus and Thick Ugly Toenails:

New Hope For Runners and Others Who Suffer From This “Curse”

Well let’s face it, toenail fungus (onychomycosis) is an unpleasant subject, but sufferers are gaining new hope with recent treatments that have become available. You no longer have to endure the unsightly toenails that result from this condition. According to the statistics: Toenail fungus affects one out of four adults over the age of 40, and one in two over the age of 60! Runners are especially susceptible to toenail problems. An overly thick nail due to trauma and/or infection is sometimes called “runner’s nail.” Well, because of the prevalence of this problem, there are a lot of products on the market that are being promoted as treatments for toenail fungus. Just do a Google search for best nail fungus treatment and you will find many for toenail fungus. There are as many as 100 or more over the counter remedies that are being marketed as cures for toenail fungus. If you're interested in toenail fungus home remedies, click here to view a list of remedies to get rid of toenail fungus. If you feel you need to do something more aggressive than a home remedy (especially recommended for those with nail fungus that they have had for more than a year), you might want to try a prescription. These treatments are more controversial because of their toxicity risks to the liver. Prescription anti-fungal medications must be taken for 6-12 weeks, and it usually takes months to see some improvement, but read on to find out about pairing this treatment with a toenail restoration from KeryFlex, to obtain instant cosmetic resutls! One thing that I personally recommend, when taking any medication that may affect your liver: you should pair this medication with liver cleansing supplements such as silimarin (Milk Thistle) and drink plenty of liver detox teas.

People who are prone to toenail fungus usually have soft, porous nails which are more easily invaded by bacteria and fungus. The problem is that the more disfigured and broken up the nail is, the more vulnerable to further infection it is. In addition to this, the more infected, discolored and misshapen the toenails become, the more a person is apt to hide their feet inside sweaty shoes. People prone to nail infections tend to have problems with sweaty feet anyway. The problems tend to self-perpetuate one another. The more you hide your feet inside dark, sweaty shoes, the more infection you are breeding. It's time to break out of those sweaty dark shoes and give your feet the two things they crave most: light and fresh air! If you have been suffering from unsightly toenails and hiding them instead of giving them air, it's time to decide to DO SOMETHING!

I strongly recommend trying as many of the over the counter formulas and home remedies as you can afford to try, but if you have suffered for more than a year with this issue, you will want to make a decision to see a podiatrist and get a treatment plan going. If you have the funds ($1,000) and don't want to use a prescription medicine, I recommend you look into

pinpoint laser treatments. It's been shown to be affective in eliminating toenail fungus. Whether you choose the less expensive prescription plan or the laser treatments, I recommend you also look into getting a toenail restoration at the same time. Here's why!

KeryFlex toenail restoration system uses a unique, and brand new product that will restore a normal look to your nail in just one visit. This product is flexible, durable, and perfectly safe, but if that wasn't enough, it is made with a time-released, anti fungal ingredient which actually aids in the killing and prevention of further nail fungus infections. In fact, for those poor individuals who are suffering from fingernail fungus, I believe this product would work in the same way, to give a more normal looking nail while introducing a product that helps heal rather than harms the nail. As a disclaimer I should mention that I don't believe there have been any scientific studies done to test the ability of KeryFlex to cure fungus, but it is definitely the perfect product to pair with whatever other treatment plan you are using. Remember my point about infected nails being vulnerable to more infection. With this treatment, your nails are sealed with a product that is inhibiting the growth of the infection, while keeping out new dermatophytes (fungus organisms). Click here to learn more about the dual approach to treatment: pairing medications or laser treatments with toenail restoration. In the meantime, by far the healthiest thing that you can do to improve your the health of your feet is to get them out in the fresh air and sunshine. You must be “all about bare feet” if you want to triumph over recurrent fungal infections!

If you’re embarrassed because of your unsightly toenails, and still waiting to get treatment and a toenail restoration, perhaps you should consider trying artificial toenails. Please read this disclaimer first! If you change them often, so that your nails can breathe, you will minimize the possibility of further harm and your feet will thank you for the new healthy environment. Just being able to go bare foot without embarrassment is a huge benefit. Fresh air and sunshine are public enemy number one to fungus infections, so the more you keep your feet out in the open, the healthier they will be.

Of course practice basic cleanliness and safety. Always wear flip flops in public showers or pool areas. Disinfect your tub and shower areas regularly with Lysol disinfectant. Thoroughly clean and dry your feet before dressing and avoid all types of nylons or synthetic fiber socks. Wear open toed shoes as often as you can.

Remember, you must become “all about bare feet” if you want to win over recurring fungal infections. Break out of those sweaty shoes and let us know what methods are working for you! If you’ve tried and had success with any method of treating toenail fungus or nail fungus in general, I’d love to hear from you! Blog me! (see below)

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