A New Approach To Toenail Fungus Treatment: Toenail Restoration

Have you been frustrated by unimpressive toenail fungus treatment results? You're not alone. Most results from home remedies are at best 20-50 percent, while more expensive topical remedies may only achieve results in 50-70 percent of those who apply regularly. Oral remedies come out only slightly better, claiming a 70-90 percent result, BUT they are not administered without some health risk. Those who have been on lots of medications, or those who have had any diseases which affect the liver could be at risk. In all treatments, time is considerable: it can take 6-9 months to see any new nail growth. Most people lose interest and give up on treatment regimens before they can actually see any results! Up to now, the only recourse sufferers have had to obtain beautiful, natural looking toenails has been to apply artificial toenails. HOWEVER!!!there is a new dual approach to treating this annoying and unsightly problem. This first involves a relatively new treatment called Pinpoint Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment .

There are a number of advantages to this treatment.

1. Usually, only one treatment is required.

2. The process is relatively pain free.

3. It treats the infection underneath the nail bed.

4. It has absolutely no side effects or health risks common to oral medications.

5. It claims a 90 percent or better toenail fungus cure rate.

The only existing problem that cannot be addressed by this treatment is time: it still takes time to see any positive results. But, now there is a new approach which gives instant cosmetic results and is used in combination with laser treatments (or drug treatments). The new approach involves combining pinpoint laser treatments or oral medications to address the toenail fungus and Keryflex™ toenail restoration system to restore discolored and disfigured toenails to a more natural beauty, in just one visit!

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Toenail restoration is not for everyone. Check out this information page for more information!

New Dual Approach for Treating Toenail Fungus

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