Foot Care Basics For Sufferers of Toenail Fungus or Athletes Feet

Unsightly or yellow toenails can be caused by injury or toenail fungus. This fungus usually starts with an infection in the skin called tinea pedis or athlete's foot and it can be very difficult to treat. If you suffer from either toenail fungus and/or athlete's foot, you must know that covering up just makes these conditions worse. The dark, sweaty, warm environment inside your shoes is the perfect place to breed more nasty infection. If you’ve basically given up wearing cute sandals, except the kind that have closed toes, read on and perhaps you will find some helpful advice!

I sure would love to be able to offer you a treatment right now that would completely cure your toenail fungus issues and bring them back to normal quickly. Unfortunately, the longer you’ve had this problem, the longer it may take to get results. There are dozens of websites claiming they have an absolute cure, and back this up with testimonials and pictures. The problem with topical treatments is the fact that it can take a very long time and you have to be very diligent. Second, you will need to have the infected parts of your nails removed in order for the topical treatments to get at the infection. Third, your nails will never stop being soft and porous, the condition that makes you susceptible to toenail infections in the first place. Once you stop the treatment, the condition may worsen again if you don't change some things. Click here to find out how you can lessen your risk factors! Please remember that any topical formula which you use will require a lot of diligence and a fair amount of time, meaning months and maybe up to a year. When talking about prescription oral medications, please be aware that these medications can be toxic to the liver. Your doctor can advise you as to whether you are healthy enough to take oral medications. Oral medications were, in fact, the way I cleared up my nails. There is an amazing new natural polish that is healthy and nutritious as well as anti-fungal. Click here if you would like to find out about Dr's Remedy polishes. If you have a toenail infection that is relatively new and not very severe, some of these home remedies may also help your toenail fungus infections.

The Big Cover Up

Did you know that one out of four adults suffer from the affects of toenail fungus by the age of 40, and one out of every two, by the age of 60? This is a problem that is widespread, yet why don’t we see it very often? Because most people who have it, at least most women, are covering up their feet and refuse to wear open toed shoes. Even worse, they’re excusing themselves from any social activity that requires bare feet including vacations at the beach, pool parties, etc... Wearing closed toed shoes is not only unnatural, it’s very bad for your feet. Our feet need sunshine and oxygen to be healthy, the very two things that people with unsightly toenails are not willing to give! That being said, there is a new approach that could be an answer for you.

For Instant Results: KeryFlex™ Toenail Restoration

The thing that is so appealing about KeryFlex™ toenail restoration, is the instant results that can be obtained. The prospect of taking a medication or paying the exorbitant rates of a laser treatment and then having to wait for months before seeing any relief from your toenail fungus, can be discouraging. As a result, many people just choose to live with this embarrassing condition. Well now, there is a new treatment plan that can give you the instant results that just may motivate you to finally do something about your toenails. Click here to find out about a dual approach to treating toenail fungus. In just one office visit you can obtain results that are amazing. Walk in take off your dark sweaty shoes and leave the office in cute's that easy. Click here to learn more about this amazing new procedure that can restore the natural look and feel of your nails: KeryFlex™ Toenail Restoration!

Could Artificial Toenails Be the Answer For You?

If you research the “standard” opinions about artificial toenails, the directions warn you not to put artificial nails on infected nails. The alternative, keeping your feet hidden inside dark sweaty shoes, is also not healthy. Sunshine and oxygen are the two best foot care products you will ever find, and they're free! Today, decide to do something about your unhealthy toenail fungus, and while you're waiting for healthier looking nails, you may want to consider artificial toenails. As long as you are treating the underlying conditions, artificial toenails can be a great way to help you get your feet out in the sunshine and fresh air. Click here to read about the underlying condition that could be causing your toenail fungus. While you wait for healthier nails to grow in, if you do not have the option of getting a toenail restoration artificial toenails could be an answer for you! Make sure you follow my careful directions for use in order to keep from further harming your nails. There is hope! You'll love the results. Break out of those ugly shoes and join the Bare Foot Revolution! I'm hoping you'll soon be All About Bare Feet!

A new foot care treatment on the horizon...

There is a new treatment out called pinpoint laser. It’s very new and therefore expensive (about $1000 for a treatment). It claims to completely kill toenail fungus infections and clear up the nails. For those who can afford it, it’s definitely worth a try, but the websites warn that you can be reinfected. Since, your basic nail composition doesn’t change, the likelihood of reinfection is great, UNLESS you keep your feet out in the open, as much as possible. If you are interested in learning more about this brand new foot care procedure click here!

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New Hope For Unsightly Toenails: KeryFlex™ Toenail Restoration

Read about a new treatment that could restore a more normal look to your toenails. Click here to read more about this amazing product! KeryFlex™ Nail Restoration system may be offered at your local podiatrist's office. Click here to request information about your local providers.

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