Tinea Pedis (Athlete's Foot) Risk Factors

As you may or may not know, tinea pedis is the medical term for Athlete's foot. It affects as many as 70-80% of people, world-wide. There are affective treatments for this infection, which causes itchy, red rashes between toes, moccasin type rashes on the soles and heels of the foot, dry skin heel cracks, and the dreaded toenail infections. Treating tinea pedis will often require a prescription strength topical ointment or oral medication such as Lamisil. When seeking treatment it is important to identify and minimize risk factors which can cause you to become reinfected.

Risk Factors For Getting Tinea Pedis That Must Be Minimized

You may have heard this before..."The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Many people complain that their tinea pedis (athlete's foot) infections just return after going off medications. If you continue to do the same “dumb” things you did before without changing your routine in any way, you will probably end up back in the same condition you were in prior to treatment. So, here’s a list of risk factors you can change:

Avoid Allowing your feet to remain damp. One of the principle ways that your feet remain damp is by wearing the same pair of shoes daily. To prevent this, never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Allow shoes to have at least 24 hours to dry out before wearing again. To aid in this process, place shoes over a heater vent or in a well ventillated dry place. Another great way to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus in your shoes is to invest in a good shoe dryer. There is a shoe dryer made to control the dampness that causes athlete's foot while being energy efficient. Click here to find out information about this shoe dryer made specifically to help prevent tinea pedis-athlete's foot Avoid wearing tight, poorly ventilated shoes. Absolutely avoid wearing tight, poorly fitting shoes, shoes made with any man-made materials that don’t allow for proper ventilation or any shoe that you notice make your feet excessively sweaty. Remember sweat means wet, and wet means fungus...amoung us!

Avoid using public or shared showers or locker rooms without wearing shower shoes. Always keep a pair of flip flops with you and use them for showering and walking in public bathrooms. Never go barefoot where there is a chance you may become infected with bacteria or fungus.

Avoid doing activities that require your feet to be wet for long periods of time. Any job that requires or exposes your feet to continuously being wet should be avoided if possible. If not possible, please use your imagination to discover ways to keep your feet as dry as possible including giving your feet plenty of fresh air and sunshine when not in your working environment.

Consider replacing old, infected shoes or at the very least, use anti-fungal sprays to treat all your shoes. Remember to change your shoes and socks daily and consider buying new socks so that you can ensure your socks are not harboring the old infection.

Avoid smothering your feet. Wear open-toed shoes as often as possible. Remove sweaty shoes when you get home from work or school, clean your feet, powder them and keep them in the open air for the rest of the day.

Avoid neglecting your feet just because they are symptom free. Pay close attention to signs of infection and treat immediately. Reinfection is serious and you should pay close attention to your feet to be able to recognize symptoms early. If your feet should become reinfected you will need to attempt to identify if there’s a possibility that you came into contact with infection in the environment. Also examine the possibility that you still have not eliminated all the possible risk factors of infection.

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