A Low Carb Diet Regimen:
Perhaps Your Solution To Getting A Load Off

Shedding Excess Pounds Could Be What Your Feet are Screaming For!

I know you're wondering what a low carb diet has to do with bare feet. The answer is everything! One of the first places our body will start manifesting problems is in our feet. Before the gastric issues, the high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides and other serious systematic problems, your feet will begin to tell you...."Please Get a Load Off!" I've completely cleared up cases of plantar fasciitis just by dropping the excess weight I was carrying. Excessive callouses and heel cracks can also be your body's way of sounding the alarm. Maybe it's time for you to make some changes. I know you've probably tried dozens of times and failed, but you know the old adage..."if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!"

Recently, I've become acquainted with a diet regimen that has been around since the 70's but had gotten a bad rap for a lot of years. Low Carb dieting is something that requires some dicipline and planning but can give big results. There are several reasons why many have resisted this regimen.

Reason Number One: There is a rumour being promoted that says putting your body in ketosis is dangerous. If you don't know what ketosis is, or you've heard this rumour, then click here to find out about this amazing, God-created process that accompanies low carb diets and makes them work so well. Here's my "layman's" take on it. Ketosis is a state in our body when it begins to burn fat and protein to make glucose. This process is called gluconeogenesis. If you believe in the Bible, as I do, there is a very good example of this. Before the flood, there was an abundant supply of diverse and very nutritious carbohydrates available in the garden. Adam and Eve were commanded to eat of all (except one!) of these foods. They supplied all of man's needs, but after the flood, the earth was devastated and God commanded Noah to begin eating certain animals. Until such time as the earth was replenished, the high protein- low carb diets that they would be forced to live on, would keep them alive and give them the necessary energy they needed by this process of glucoeogenesis. Right up until our modern era, (when fresh fruits and vegetables have become readily available year-round), this process was keeping our ancestors alive during the long winters without fruits and veggies. Their bodies would go into fat-burning mode and burn off all the excess fat that they had accumulated during the summers when food was plenteous. During these times, people without access to preserved or dried fruit and veggies, would live almost entirely on the meat they were able to kill and eat. They would survive the winters, albeit considerably thinner than they had started out in the fall.

Ketosis must be achieved in order for fat stores to be burned. For some lucky individuals, a mere "tweeking" of their caloric intake is all it takes to get those fat burning engines started. For others, myself included, tweeking just won't cut it. In fact, I've managed to cut calories and work out for 40-60 minutes a day (5 days per week) for a considerable amount of time. Doing the math I should have lost 1 1/2 to 2 pounds per week, but found myself hopelessly plateaued after a mere 5-7 pounds and wondering why on earth the math just didn't work??? Now I know, (lol) if there is ever a world-wide famine, I will live longer than anyone cause my body wants to store fat but never wants to burn it!!! I can store fat on the same calories that someone else is burning them...so what's the prob? I've found that, for me, cutting carbs is the key. When I cut the carbs, I lose my intense cravings. My blood sugar evens out. I'm satisfied with less food. I don't have trouble with binging carbs. Yes, for me, carbs are addictive and must be controlled in order to FORCE my body into fat burning mode. Otherwise, it will store fat indefinitely!!!

Reason Number Two (why some shy away from low carb diets): As fast as some have lost it, they have gained it all back! This is because they failed to come off these diets carefully and they failed to adopt a new lifestyle that works with their body types. For those who can only lose weight with a low carb diet, they must adopt a low carb lifestyle to keep this weight off. There will never be a time that you can go back to a high carb diet, but that doesn't mean that you can never eat carbs. It just means that you will always have to watch what you eat and balance times of higher carb "fun or cheat" days with lower carb clean eating days. Once your weight is off it will be much easier because you are not trying to lose, only maintain your current weight.

Reason Number Three: Some fear the high fat content of low carb diets can raise your cholesterol levels. There are lots of studies on this which are way too technical for me to go into here, but the bottom line is: studies that examined the size and number of the LDL particles, always come to the long-term conclusion that low carb diets actually help, not hurt our blood cholesterol levels. Please don't take my word for this. Go out on the web and do some research yourself. My point is, nothing is more unhealthy than living in an overweight, fat-storing state. You didn't get this way by eating a "balanced" diet and so, you may have to use an "unbalanced" low carb diet approach to get it off. After spending a long time on a low carb diet regimen, you will start to become more in tune with how your body reacts to different foods. Hopefully, after achieving your weight loss goals, you will find a "balanced approach" that works for your body type and keeps your blood sugars leveled out.

All that being said, if your ready to begin this journey, click here for some helpful links to low carb diet foods that can help you, as well as a general plan to get your body into fat burning mode.

If you have comments about your experiences with low carb dieting, please feel free to share them by using the comment blog below! Click here to get particulars on my low carb diet plan as well as links to recommended meal replacement bars and shakes.

Best Wishes as you attempt to


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