Don't Crack Up Over Heel Cracks

These dry skin heel cracks will continue to worsen, and at times can make it impossible to walk bare foot at all! Well this is my page dedicated to dry, cracked, and calloused feet. I’ve listed some tried and true methods for keeping this problem at bay. I’ve also included a blog where can share your questions or favorite methods of caring for your problem heels. Relax, you will find some answers here and before you know it, you’ll catch the all about bare feet spark. Once you have, you’ve just got to share it!

Well the first and foremost method for controlling this problem is to always keep a good foot file on hand for sanding down dry scaly skin. I keep one in the bathroom and use it over the toilet. My favorite foot file is called a Swedish rasp. It has a rough and a not so rough side. It also has a plastic “nubby” side on the handle which is great for scraping off dead skin after getting out of the shower. It’s simply the best rasp on the market!

Daily filing cannot be stressed enough. It is THE best way to keep callouses thinned out, and the less dead skin which accumulates on your feet, the less chance of developing painful heel cracks. That’s the good news, here’s the bad. If you’re really over weight, your chances of developing these cracks are much greater and more difficult to control. Click here for an explanation of why excess weight can cause heel cracks. Another important routine that I have adopted is to really “grease up” every morning before leaving the house in my really cute sandals. I rub on some type of skin nourishing cream. brace yourself...I smear on some Vasoline Petroleum Jelly. Yes, that’s right, the real sticky stuff. The first time my mother suggested I do that, I was floored. No way am I going to use that stuff. Let’s face it, Vasoline PETROLEUM Jelly has a real identity crisis! I mean anything with a name like that just can’t be good, right? Wrong. It’s good, it’s really good, because after nourishing my skin really well with my favorite cream, the Vasoline seals in the moisture and keeps my feet looking moist and healthy for a very long time. Lot’s of websites will sell you magical creams which they claim will make your heel cracks disappear but most of them are just petroleum, or another other oil based product with some kind of natural exfoliating agent. Bottom line, only the hard work of daily rasping, combined with a good moisturizer and a few other tricks will keep this issue from reoccurring.

Click here to learn about another product, originally created for use on cow's udders, which has shown great success in treating heel cracks. This product could be used in place of Vaseline. I always keep a tube of greasy moisturizer in my purse to reapply during the day. Don’t worry, it absorbs much better than you think and I’ve never had any problem with this.

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heel crack secret formulas for enjoying moist, healthy heels. (No this isn't where I ask you to buy an ebook or pay a small fee to obtain my top secret methods. These secrets are yours to take and to SHARE!)

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