Heel Cracks: Secret Weapon

Now, for my two secret formulas for combating heel cracks and enjoying moist, healthy, crack-free heels. (No this isn't where I ask you to buy an ebook or pay a small fee to obtain my top secret methods. These secrets are yours to take and to SHARE!)

First, when I sense a heel crack is forming I give my feet a good rasping, and then soak them for 15 minutes in a solution of hot water, epsom salts, a little laundry detergent (yes it’s the softening agents that work so well...I got this tip from an old foot care book I checked out of the library) and any type of good smelling liquid soap, something that will provide a little aroma therapy while you’re treating yourself to this homemade spa treatment. After soaking well, I cover each of my feet with a plastic bag (I use the plain, non-ziploc gallon size bags) and then slip on a pair of soft bootie socks. This is, of course, a before bed treatment. Sometimes, especially if it’s hot, I won’t make it through the whole night with this treatment, shedding my plastic bags half way through, but most nights I do. In the morning I rasp my feet with the nubby plastic side of my favorite rasp. After my feet dry out, I rasp again with the finer side and proceed with my regular routine. I usually end up doing this about once every other week or so, in the summer when I’m wearing sandals most of the time. At the beach, the sand tends to cause a lot of drying so I always take my supplies on vacation with me so I can cover my feet if needed.

Now, if this doesn’t work and you are still left with a pesky crack that hurts and threatens to open up, then I recommend breaking out secret weapon #2: crazy glue (like the kind we use to glue on artificial nails). Yes, I got this tip from a medic who said he’s used crazy glue in a “pinch” to close a wound! Doctors use this method also, but they won’t admit it. Here’s a quote from a podiatrist’s website: “on rare occasions some Podiatrists and Dermatologists have used a tissue 'glue' to hold the edges of the skin together, so the cracks can heal.” All artificial nail glue is medical grade...basically the same stuff doctor's use, only it's tinted pink.

Apply the tiniest bit of nail glue to the crack and squeeze it shut, holding it there for 15 seconds or so. Don’t walk on it for at least a couple minutes, to allow the glue to really seal. Friends, this method works great for an emergency fix! I don’t recommend relying on this method solely. You should try all the other methods for controlling heel cracks and only fall back on this when nothing else is working.

Well, that’s my primer on how to treat, control and eliminate painful, unsightly...(just a nice word for plain ugly) heel cracks. Click here for an explanation of what causes and aggravates heel cracks .

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