Resources for Chronic Heel Pain

The following are a list of heel pain related links that contain information and products that may be helpful for you. Please explore the sites and educate yourself on this topic before deciding on a treatment strategy. I always recommend trying the most simple and least invasive types of treatment before resorting to something more radical. This is a great site that has a custom built orthotic for $99. That’s a lot cheaper that the ones made by an orthopedic clinic, which range in the $600’s. This site has an excellent explanation of Plantar Faciitis and gives their program for a combination treatment: liquid orthotics and night splints. They also offer a great line of arch support flip flips which I intend to purchase next Spring! I’ll let you know what I think! You can also receive a free e-book which outlines all the stretches you need to do, after purchasing a product.

3. This site carries a night splint and a HUGE variety of shoes and SANDALS (yeah!) with orthotic supports.

4. This site carries a gel-type insert and night splints. It also has an open message board where you can ask questions!

5. This site has some excellent diagrams and explanation. There are also lots of supplies for taping, stretching, strengthening and icing your feet, as well as a great line of arch supporting running shoes and Crocs©. There’s also a nifty “When Will I Be Pain Free?” calculator. You have to sign up by email to get your estimate. I answered the questions using my symptoms from last fall (the onset of my 2nd bout of heel pain) and sure enough, it calculated when I would be pain free fairly accurately at about the middle of June. I'd say I was nearly pain free by the end of July.

Wearing Proper Shoes: Not An Option... If You Want To Get Pain Free!

Choosing and Wearing Proper Shoes to Help With Heel Pain.

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