Heel Cracks: Why Me?

Some people tend to have a naturally dry skin and that predisposes them to heel cracks. The thickening and drying of skin (callus) around the heel makes the heel more likely to crack, and is often due to a number of different factors. It may be the way you walk, or other factors that may include:

  • Prolonged standing (at work or home, especially on hard floors)
  • Being overweight is also a problem because it increases the pressure on the normal fat pad under the heel, causing it to expand sideways - if the skin is not supple and flexible, the pressures to 'crack' are high.
  • Open back on the shoes can also be a problem, especially in the winter, when the air inside your home is normally much dryer than it is during sandal season.
  • There are some medical conditions that can predispose a person to drying skin:
  • Autonomic neuropathy in those with diabetes which leads to less sweating.
  • An under active thyroid, which lowers the body's metabolic rate also resulting in a reduction in sweating, leading to dry skin cracks.
  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema
  • Displacement of the Fat Pad:
    The Bad News

    The bad news is, your weight may be causing a displacement of the fat pad on the bottom of your heel, causing heel cracks to form. Another way to explain the displacement of the fat pad of is to consider a tomato. When you apply pressure on it from above, it wants to expand out to the sides. Eventually the skin cracks. This is what happens to the normal fat pad under your heel. As your body weight pushes down, the fat wants to expand sideways and the pressure on the skin to crack is increased. If the weight on your feet is excessive due to being overweight, or due to prolonged standing on hard surfaces, the skin on the sides of your heels will tend to expand. If the skin is not supple is will eventually open up and the result is painful and difficult to heal. Click here to read about my methods of healing and controlling heel cracks.

    The Infection Factor

    If you are troubled with serious cracking of your heels, you could be suffering from a fungal infection that has invaded your skin. This type of athlete's foot is called a "moccasin" athlete's foot infection, because it often causes a rash that covers the foot and comes around the back of the heel up to the ankles. Click here to get heel cracks explained, with regard to how they relate to this infection.

    Methods to treat

    Keeping ahead of heel cracks means coming up with a plan to keep callouses down and skin moisturized. Click here to learn about an unusual balm that can help, called Bag Balm.

    I have a favorite moisturizing system that I feel so strongly about I decided to offer it to my readers. These products are produced by a European cosmetic company and distributed by LCN, the distributors of my favorite pedicure gel: Barefoot. This product is only available at salons which carry LCN. It's called Urea 10% Foot Cream and Mask, and it's AMAZING! It smells wonderful, is not greasy, absorbs completely and creates a moisture barrier that seems to last all day long.

    No more alligator feet half way through the day! It's got some good science behind it. Urea has long been recognized for it's wonderful nourishing properties for skin! A tiny dab does the trick. The 100ml tubes will last for months of protection against dry skin. Click here to find out about purchasing this system.

    The Right Soap

    No matter what your issue is, one cannot be too careful about fungal, bacterial and viral infections. There are so many micro-organisms that can be harmful to your health. If you have not adopted the use of a good protective soap, I cannot stress the importance of this decision. Everyday, I hear of people who are struggling from infections picked up in public bathrooms, salons, locker rooms, etc... You cannot be too careful, that's why I strongly recommend the use of an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral soap. Defense Soap is a powerful, protective and natural soap product which can give you piece of mind. One of the principle ingredients in these products is Tea Tree oil, a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal product. Using this soap can protect you from the microbes so prevalent in public places. See the link below to check out Defense Soap products.

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