Demodex Mites: A Growing Concern in the USA

Demodex mites!!! Isn't this just a concern for our animals? What does this have to do with Bare Feet?

First, I cannot stress enough, that so many of the problems we experience are due to micro-organisms that find their way onto our bodies and become "comfortable" there, for various reasons.

Dimodex mites are a parasitic micro-organism, much like the fungal micro-organism, trichophyton, also known as ringworm or tinea pedis. This fungus causes athletes feet and toenail infection, as well as a host of other skin infections. These micro-organisms are everywhere in public places, so we must take precautions to reduce our exposure. Click here to learn about ways to reduce your risk of getting tinea pedis and destructive infections.

With that said, it is impossible to completely illuminate your exposure to micro-organisms, so there is another plan for fighting these things. This involves the use of soaps and creams that are natural killers of these micro-organisms. Combine the use of "high tech" soaps and creams with healthy practices and you can minimize the likelihood that micro-organisms will become "comfortable" on your body.

There are many new lines of soaps that will help "defend" your body against demodex mites, fungal and bacterial infections. One of those is Defense Soaps. This product was design for use in close contact sports such as wrestling. As you may be aware, this sport exposes young men to all sorts of infectious organisms, including the virus that causes impetigo. Click below to get ordering information for this very healthful soap, which contains natural tea tree oil. Defense Soap is a powerful, protective and natural soap product which can give you piece of mind. One of the principle ingredients in these products is Tea Tree oil, a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal product. Using this soap can protect you from the microbes so prevalent in public places. See the link below to check out Defense Soap products.

Demodex mites, as well as scabies mites (much more aggressive and easy to diagnose) are transmitted by skin to skin contact. What you might not know, is that the more subtle organism, demodex mites, are present on almost all humans, to a greater or lesser degree. These mites live on the surface of your skin, mainly on your face, which has the ideal temperature and food source. These mites live in hair follicles of the face, including the eye lashes and eyebrows. They feed on sebaceous oils of the skin. In countries with readily available sources of water and soap, where most people are in the habit of daily bathing, these mites have not surfaced as a problem. That's why MOST dermatologist don't consider them a problem and won't even concern themselves with demodex mites. The fact is, they don't present a problem for most people, but for reasons (explained and some unexplained) they can change over to a parasitical level which begins to cause health problems. Chinese doctors have been concerned about human mite infestations for many years and have linked this issue to chronic acne, rosacea, blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid), alopecia and excessively itchy or scaly scalp. Western medicine has only one solution for a infestation of mites, it is the toxic chemical, ivermectin. This is a case where the solution is more toxic to the body than the problem. It has little affect on demodex mites because the life cycle of this organism can be from 90-120 days. Therefore, even if you kill off all the live mites on your body, tomorrow and the next day and up to 120 days after, new eggs will be hatching and reinfecting you. The solution can only be found, by taking a multi-dimensional approach involving identifying the carriers or sources of the mites, personal cleanliness (or lack of cleanliness) habits that have given them the opportunity to become "comfortable," and the immuno-health issues that are are also contributing. Only after considering these factors, should you concern yourself with topical treatments as well as oral supplements designed to boost immune system resistance.

First, could you be dealing with a mite infestation problem? If so, don't be discouraged or frightened. This condition is treatable, but will involve a multi-faceted approach. Let's start with symptoms. Click here to find a list of concerns that might indicate a parasite infection of demodex mites.

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