Don't Crack Up Over Cracked Heels

Excessively dry feet can cause cracked heels. They will continue to worsen, and at times can make it impossible to walk bare foot at all! There are some tried and true methods for keeping this problem at bay, but perhaps you have discovered a method that has worked well for you. We would love for you to share your questions or favorite methods of caring for your problem heels. See the blog opportunity at the bottom of this page.

Swedish Clover Foot File

Well the first and foremost method for controlling this problem is to always keep a good foot file on hand for sanding down dry scaly skin. I keep one in the bathroom and use it over the toilet. My favorite foot file is called a Swedish rasp.

Keep this file handy, in your bathroom and use it regularly to keep down calluses and to exfoliate, dead, dry skin from the heels. In no time, your cracked heels should improve.

Daily filing cannot be stressed enough. It is THE best way to keep callouses thinned out, and the less dead skin which accumulates on your feet, the less chance of developing painful heel cracks. That’s the good news, here’s the bad. If you’re really over weight, your chances of developing these cracks are much greater and more difficult to control. Here's a great explanation for why this is so. If you've been struggling to lose weight with no success, check out my lo-carb plan, which could get you started on your way to a lighter, more healthy you!

Another important routine that I originally adopted was to really “grease up”every morning, especially when wearing open heeled shoes. My mother first suggested that I use Vasoline petroleum jelly. This would work temporarily, but I have since discovered that there are better alternatives. For one thing, petroleum products can clog your pores and actually make problems worst over time. If you have a persistent cracked heel problem, you might want to consider that you could have a moccasin type athlete's foot fungal infection. If you expect this, please check out my page explaining the connection between painful cracked heels and athlete's foot.

Callex Callus Ointment

Well, if you're pretty sure your cracked heel problem is NOT the result of an infection, then I would like to recommend some products that are highly effective. First, there's a product called Callex. This product is a good choice for you, if the build up of callouses is a concern. Regular use of Callex, seems to eliminate excess callous formation and with regular use, will end your painful cracked heels.

Here are two very practical and reasonably priced foot care products to answer your callus and heel crack issues. One is designed to cut down on calluses and keep feet looking more youthful. The other is a night cream formulated to keep soles and heels smooth and soft to the touch. The extra-strength alpha-hydroxy formula combines a higher concentration of deep-penetrating Penamide with Vitamins A, E and Pro-Vitamin B to increase your skin's natural renewal process while providing maximum rehydration. I would love to hear from you, if you've tried either of these products. Here's what someone from New Mexico said about the night cream, " I read the description of what they said this cream could do. I was not sure that it could do all that it said as I had used so many other products in the past that guaranteed the same thing. When I got my tube of nighttime Heel Cream and used it I was amazed at how quickly it repaired my cracked, dry heels! I will definitely continue to use the product and will let all my friends know all about this product. Completely satisfied and a true believer." Let us hear from you if you have some feedback!

Podiatrist's Secret Callus Treatment Cream, 4 oz. FootSmart NightTime Heel Treatment Cream, 4 oz.

Another popular heel salve that works well, if you use it regularly is Heeltastic. There's a comment at the bottom of this page from someone recommending this product. I liked it very much and used it regularly, while working on healing my dry skin cracked heels.

HeelTastic Intensive Heel Therapy

Can A Treatment For Cow's Udders Help Your Cracked Heels?

If you've never heard of Bag Balm, you simply have to look into this salve. It's been around forever and people have been using it to treat all kinds of skin ailments. Click here to learn more about this amazing salve for treating painful cracked heels.

Cracked Heels: Secret Weapon

Perhaps you have a nasty heel crack that has opened up and is making it painful, if not impossible to walk on. Once these things have opened up, they can become extremely difficult to cure. This is because, every time you walk, you introduce stressful pressure on an already, weakened skin surface. How do you get a heel crack to close and stay closed, so that you can get back to walking without the pain. Something else to consider if you have an open cracked heel. This area is vulnerable to all kinds of infection, which makes this condition risky. It is imperative that you find healing, and find it quickly. Click here to read about my secret weapon for closing up heel cracks and helping them to heal more quickly.

Could Soap Be Your Answer?

No matter what your issue is, one cannot be too careful about fungal, bacterial and viral infections. There are so many micro-organisms that can be harmful to your health. If you have not adopted the use of a good protective soap, I cannot stress the importance of this decision. Everyday, I hear of people who are struggling from infections picked up in public bathrooms, salons, locker rooms, etc... You cannot be too careful, that's why I strongly recommend the use of an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral soap. Defense Soap is a powerful, protective and natural soap product which can give you piece of mind. One of the principle ingredients in these products is Tea Tree oil, a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal product. Using this soap can protect you from the microbes so prevalent in public places. See the link below to check out Defense Soap products.

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