Tips For Dealing With Cold Feet

A Sign of Poor Circulation

Chronically cold feet, a sign of poor circulation, is a problem that affects many people, especially the elderly and those affected by diabetes. The initial symptom of poor circulation is chronically cold feet. Ignoring this symptom of poor circulation can lead to much more dangerous complications. Those who suffer from diabetes or other medical conditions should consult their physician regularly in order to diagnose any problems as soon as possible. For those with non-medical issues who suffer from chronically cold feet, there are some simple methods for improving blood circulation to your feet.

1. Get Active

If you are not active you should develop a regular exercise program to become more active. Activities that can help improve your circulation involve anything that gets your heart rate up, such as walking, cycling, swimming, running, step aerobics, hiking, etc... These activities will improve circulation, only if engaged in regularly. I have a personal example of how this works! I used to be troubled with mild rosacea (another form of poor circulation which involves blood pooling in your cheeks after exercise or extended periods of time in cold weather). Several months after beginning a regular aerobic program of studio cycling (4-5 times per week) I noticed that my cheeks were no longer flushed when I finished exercising. They also don’t get nearly as red when I’m out skiing in the winter!!!

2. Reducing Fat and Increasing Fiber In Your Diet

Improving your diet, increasing fiber and reducing your fat intake will make your blood less viscous and allow it to flow through the small blood vessels more easily.

3. If You Smoke, QUIT

This is just a no brainer. Smoking hardens your arteries and makes smaller vessels constrict.

4. Reducing Stress

Our bodies perform very poorly when under stress. Blood supply is reduced to our extremities and to major organs, of course affecting circulation to hands and feet. Other ways to combat stress are prayer or meditation, deep breathing exercises or engaging in relaxing and enjoyable activities.

5. Raising feet

If you suffer from swollen or fluid filled feet, elevating your feet can help. Start by lying on the floor, placing your feet on a sofa or chair for a short while. This will help the fluid drain from your feet. Then return to a seated position, which will allow freshly oxygenated blood to flow into your feet.

6. Warm Water Soaks

Soaking your feet in warm water or taking a warm bath will also help with cold feet. Adding Juniper essential oil can also stimulate circulation, however this method is only a short term remedy and does not address the underlying causes of chronic circulation problems.

7. Supplements

There are a number of natural herbal supplements that can help to improve blood circulation. You should consult a nutritionist to determine what would be best for you and use these supplements in conjunction with some of the above methods in order to overcome your poor circulation problems and prevent further complications which may arise, if left untreated.

A Word of Warning

Poor circulation is a problem that should not be ignored as it can be a sign of underlying problems which could lead to a heart attack, stroke and many other health risks. If you are experiencing chronic circulation problems, you should first and foremost consult your doctor.

Here's an excellent website, which lists the possible complications or conditions which may be indicated by chronically cold feet.

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