All About Artificial Toenails: Viva la Difference!

Nailene Perfect Toes

Well, just when you had all but given up on ever wearing cute sandals again, enter artificial toenails and the difference can be amazing! If you think you'd like to try artificial toenails, try this close out deal on Nailene Perfect Toes.

No more spending precious time fooling with polish and removers only to get a result that is considerably less than professional. You can give yourself a home pedicure that looks as beautiful as one you might get at your local day spa, in half the time and for a fraction of the cost!

With this product, you will gain the confidence to wear sandals again! At first, only just for special occasions, and then more and more, as your confidence in your new nails grows. One word of warning: If you have an active toenail fungus, you need to seek treatment for this. Oral Lamisil will eradicate the infection which has worked its way into the nail. It will also clear up the athlete's foot which has caused the toenail infection. Lamisil has gotten a bad rap, mostly from people trying to sell their particular version of a cure. The fact is, every drug we take can negatively affect our liver, and if you're on medication for a long period of time, your doctor will order liver enzyme tests to make sure the liver is not getting inflamed. If you are healthy, the benefits to taking the medication out weigh the minimal risks. Your doctor can determine if you're healthy enough and he can order the blood tests to insure there is not inflammation. Ideally, a combination of the PinPoint Laser treatments that will kill the infection from the outside in, and a round of oral Lamisil which will kill the infection from the inside out, gives you the best possible prognosis for complete eradication of the infection. If you've suffered from this infection, you might want to check out our page on athlete's foot and minimizing your risks of reinfection. Bottomline, get treatment! Your nails will thank you for it. Once you're getting treatment, it will take a long time for your nails to begin growing out more normally. In the meantime, there are some products that can help you have more normal looking nails. Keryflex is a pedicure gel that will actually rebuild the missing and deformed parts of your nail. For the best results you should insist that your doctor debrid (grind off) the infected parts of the nails, taking care NOT to damage the underlying nail bed. When he's finished your nail will actually look worse than it did before, but now all the infected parts which are spongy and hold moisture, will be removed. Once this is done you can have the toenail rebuilt and restored with a healthy, anti-mycotic, flexable pedicure get that feels and looks just like your natural nail! It serves a dual purpose. It's cosmetic because it repairs the nail and makes it more normal looking and it's restorative in that it seals the nail and keeps out unwanted moisture and fungus, while the new healthy nail is growing out. Click here to find a Keryflex provider in your area.

Bottomline, toenail infections are difficult but not impossible to cure, and now that there are so many treatment options available, you have no excuse to put up with this infection any longer! I no longer recommend wearing artificial toenails while seeking treatment for an infection. Unlike Keryflex, these will harbor unwanted moisture underneath, where this warm, dark environment will be the perfect breeding ground for fungus to reinfect you. Artificials can be a relief to those who don't have the means or the time to get treatment for their toenail issues, but should be looked at as a temporary measure at best. Remember when using artificial toenails, you should take caution to avoid doing further damage to your nails by following these artificial toenails careful application instructions.

Barefoot: Toenail Restoration and Correction

If your nails are recovering from an injury, a fungus or some other trauma which has made them misshapen and...well let's just say it...down right out ugly, then you will be interested in reading about the spa and salon industry answer to this problem. It's a product comparable to KeryFlex that is anti-mycotic (kills fungus and bacteria) and can rebuild the missing and misshaped parts of your toenails, resulting in a perfect French pedicure that will last around 6-8 weeks! The product is called Barefoot, by LCN-USA. If your infection is still active, salons are forbidden from servicing you, but if you've been treated for an infection and all infected parts of your nail have been debrided by the doctor, you can seek services of a salon or spa which carries this product. Click here to open a new page that is linked to the LCN Salon Finder's page. Unfortunately, it is very new and not well distributed in the US (this product is made in Europe.) Keep in mind also, that the salon finder linked above is for all LCN gel products. Not all salons who carry LCN, carry the Barefoot line, but this is a place to start since these salons already have a relationship with LCN-USA. If you are unable to locate a spa or salon on the locator site, then contact you local spa and recommend that they contact LCN to look into offering this service for their clients.

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