Artificial Toenails: The Problem with Store Packaging

Artificial toenails are acrylic glue on nails like the ones you’ve seen for fingernails, only these are for your toenails! There are many reasons why you may want or need to use this product. For many, the season for sandals is a problematic time. Unsightly toenails can make wearing sandals and going barefoot, embarrassing.
If you're troubled by less than perfect nails, its time to do something about it. Stop hiding your feet and declining invitations to beach or pool parties! Unsightly toenails can be caused by trauma or the stress that comes from distance running, but the most common cause for toenail deterioration is a fungus which embeds itself under the toenails and begins to inhibit normal growth. Often it is a genetic predisposition that causes people to suffer with chronic infections that lead to unsightly nails. The fungus that infects your nails and feet is every where and basically unavoidable. Those unfortunate people with soft, porous nails are just more prone to getting and hosting these infections. If you've been dealing with this annoying problem, you might be interested in our discussion about the elusive search for a cure for toenail fungus.

Wearing poorly fitting shoes that cramp your toes also contributes to toenail problems. Click here to read about picking proper fitting shoes.

If you are an avid user of artificial toenails, you have probably noticed that the kits which are available at your local WalMart and CVS are beautifully over packaged but under supplied. Most packages contain 24 nails with 12 different sizes, only about 12 to 15 of which can you actually use. These packages retail for about $7. The actual product cost's less than .50 cents, the rest is all packaging, and profit. For an avid users, this can get expensive. There are ways to get around spending a fortune to beautify your feet. First, you've simply got to check out our close out deal on artificial toenails

for about half the price (including shipping!). Feel free to browse our other pages for ways to give yourself natural home pedicures. If you've never used this product, you may want to check out this page for complete directions for applying them. Click here to read about the topic of toenail fungus as it relates to the use of acrylic toenails.

Some Products You Will Find Helpful When Attempting a Home Artificial Toenail Pedicure

This is a great deal on all the tools you will need to have a perfect pedicure including a cuticle pusher and nippers.

A Swedish foot file is the one to get for working on those unwanted callouses.

This cream is a wonderful treatment for moisturizing your dry feet. It has Urea in it which heals and creates a moisture barrier which lasts all day!

Toe separators are a must to help you make your look professional!

Time to Pamper Your Feet!

These are just a few of the multitudes of health and beauty products designed to help you have beautiful healthy feet. Unfortunately, our feet are one of the most neglected areas of our body. With all the resources available to us, there is no excuse for letting this go any longer. So, pull off those sweaty shoes, draw some hot water in a foot bath or the tub. Add some bath salts or your favorite home remedy for soaking. Sit back and enjoy a good book. After a nice soak, groom your toenails using tools like the ones offered above. Prep your nails and try one of the Nailene artificial toenail kits. Finish off your session of pampering with a delicious foot message using your favorite moisturizer. Remember, the Urea creams are the best for a long lasting moisture barrier that will keep away the "alligator skin" look. When done, strap on your favorite cute sandals and head outside to give your feet a nourishing walk in the sunshine and fresh air.

Check out information on KeryFlex for a longer lasting pedicure. 

The best foot spa is one that messages too! We don't all have the benefit of a reflexologist in our home.

Bath salts are a must for their healing properties!

Mephistos, one of my best recommendations for comfortable, cute sandals that support and help support your feet and spine! I have a pair of the Helen Thongs. I completely wore the corks out and just found out I can send the sandals back to Mephisto for a complete overhaul: new corks and soles...everything except the leather upper, and all for just $75. You will love the feel of these sandals!

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