Artificial Toenails: A Holiday Makeover For Your Feet

Who has the time or money for a pedicure at this time of year? Artificial Toenails could be the answer! Nailene Perfect Toes to the rescue. In 15 minutes you can have a French Pedicure that will look like you just came from the spa!Here are the basic instructions for obtaining and maintaining your French Pedicure. You will want to have following supplies on hand, which are usually included in the Nailene Perfect Toes Kits: An emery board with a smooth and a rough side, an orange stick, some nail glue (the long slender package is the best because you can squeeze it out a drop at a time) your artificial toenails, and some nail polish (not necessary if you're going for the French manicure look).

After showering, you should do some exfoliation using a Swedish foot file, to remove dead skin and smooth out your feet. Then dry and moisturize your feet. Vaseline Jelly is a great moisturizer which will keep your feet soft and supple all night long. Now you're ready to begin applying the nails. The first thing you will want to do is size up your nails. For the purpose of this article I will refer to your natural nail as a "toenail." Artificial toenails will be referred to as "tips." So, first take out all your tips and match the sizes for each of your nails. You should avoid using nails that are too big as this can cause itchy infections around the nail. After lining up your two sets of five tips, begin prepping your toenails. Trim and lightly sand your nails so that there is a smooth surface for the tips to adhere to. You will probably want to use the smooth side of an Emory board for this, but if you have some thickening of the nail, you'll want to do some more aggressive filing, using the courser side of the board. When your toenails are prepped, begin with the largest tips. Place one to two drops of nail glue directly on your toenail and place the tip on your nail, lining up with the cuticle edge, and pressing the artificial toenail tip against your nail. Apply even pressure for about 20 seconds. If your surface was well prepped, this is all it should take. If for some reason it didn't seal, wipe the nail clean, re-file and try again. Some reasons the tip won't stick will be: if the nail was not completely dry, if it was not prepped well by filing, or if you used TOO MUCH GLUE! This is a case where too much of a good thing is never good. Never apply more than one drop on any nail, except the big toe. Depending on the size, it may take two drops, but never more than this. If you use too much glue, the nail will not seal and you'll have a sticky mess to clean up. Not to worry, nail glue dissolves in acetone based nail polish remover.

When you've finished with one toe, work your way through the whole set of artificial toenails. You can then trim (if needed) and file the nail to the perfect shape for you. When finished, if you prefer polish, you may polish your artificial toenails. If you prefer the natural look you may just leave them as they are. If your natural nails are somewhat discolored and the discoloration is visible through the toenail tip, you can lightly brush the flesh tone part of the toenail tip with a natural colored frost nail polish. This will keep the natural look of the French manicure, while camouflaging any discoloration from showing through the nail tip.

Voila! Your pedicure makeover is finished. Slip on a pair of really cute sandals and head out to your holiday party. Get ready for the compliments. Everyone who sees your feet is going to rave over me on this!

Now for a discussion about artificial toenails maintenance. I know a lot about this subject, because I wear toenail tips all the time in the spring through fall season, and during the holidays. There are some basics you need to know to maintain this look. First, know that occasionally you're going to lose a nail. Be prepared for this by keeping a kit in your purse, for quick fixes on the run. After wearing the nails for a while, you'll begin learning how to be a careful about how you walk when you're bare foot, so as not to bang into things, and how to kind of protect your feet when walking in a crowd. This just gets to be instinctive, the way people protect their fingernails after getting a manicure. You should always change nails regularly in order to allow your natural nails to breath. Here's a good way to insure that you do this, without it being too time consuming. After wearing your nails for several days I recommend getting on a regular schedule of changing them. I usually start by changing the two smallest nails on Monday, the next biggest ones on Tuesday, and so on, until on Friday, I change the biggest two nail tips so I have a fresh set for the weekend. Then, I start this process over again on Monday morning. I realize, you may not be this serious about keeping your toenail tips, but then again, like me, you may fall in love with your new look and want to keep it going for longer periods of time. If this is you, then I would strongly recommend you get on this schedule. It will be healthy for your nails, and will reduce the chances of getting or worsening a toenail infection. When you are ready to remove one of your artificial toenails, apply the end of an orange stick to the cuticle side of the tip and gently lift it off. If this doesn't work, just use some acetone based nail polish remover to soften the nail tip and it will come right off.

Well that's my primer on how to apply and maintain a 15 minute French manicure. Viva La Difference! Be prepared for compliments. Everyone who sees your nails will rave over them and your feet will be happy to be out in the open!

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